Why do you need a blog

Why do you need a blog and how it will be helpful?

You may have already realized that being on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean appearing on it, especially if you don’t have a well-structured digital marketing strategy. Therefore, appearing on the internet does not mean reaching your ideal audience without a plan. But do you know the best digital marketing strategy to improve your visibility on the internet by getting the right audience without spending a lot? In this article, you will see how a blog for your company will help you conquer your audience, generate authority for your brand, and increase sales.

Create relevant content 

Content marketing has been taking up space and becoming more and more essential as a digital marketing strategy for companies. The first step in reaching the right audience with this strategy starts with choosing themes for the content that will be covered on your blog and the language used in this content. For example, if your company sells sporting goods, you can create content related to the world of sports and physical exercise and even give tips on adventure tourism. Always keep in mind when producing your content that, more important than selling your product, is that your content generates interest in your target audience.

Educate your audience

Now that you know what topics you want to address on your blog, you need to help your audience solve their pains – pains that they may not have even noticed yet – for example (continuing on the assumption that your company sells sporting goods) if your company sells hiking shoes, create content giving tips on places that are interesting for those who practice this activity or want to start. Another example is talking about the importance for the health of using the correct footwear for such action. By creating relevant content that helps your audience, you become an authority on the subject, which makes all the difference to the customer at the time of purchase. 

By doing SEO 

The production of this relevant content focused on specific keywords and on building links helps optimize search engines – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – of your blog, making it better indexed by Google, which generates an increase in the reach of its contents on the internet.

Interact with your audience

The care when creating content is not limited to blogs. The same care is indicated for content posted on social networks. With the 3rd position in the ranking of countries with the most users on Facebook and 2nd position on Instagram and Twitter, we cannot deny how important it is for your company to be present on social networks. For your company to perform better with brand fans, you should invest in publications that interact with them – quizzes and comics are good examples – and of course, create interesting headlines to attract them to your blog.

Turn Your Readers into Leads

Given that you have content that is suitable and targeted to your target audience and that your audience already trusts and interacts with your brand, you need to make them stop being just a visitor, an attentive reader of your content, or even a fan and convert it into a lead. You can create landing pages that offer free and exclusive materials, such as an e-book or a webinar. You can also – and should – have a field dedicated to the newsletter subscription visible within your blog and generate leads.

 This will help your company to keep in touch with this reader. Be sure to nourish him so that the lead becomes a customer in the future.

Digital Marketing for real estate

Digital marketing for real estate: how to generate more leads?

With the popularization of the internet in recent years and the universalization of the digital medium as a shopping platform, all sectors of the economy are tuned to the best marketing practices involving this type of technology. The real estate market could not be left out, of course, using real estate Digital Marketing strategies that have brought good results.

It is quite possible that your real estate company already has a good website, with updated content about the properties sold and even profiles on social networks. All of this is a great start, but you need to start using this whole structure to your advantage to generate qualified leads for your real estate and, consequently, increase sales. we will present you with some tips and guidelines on how to use real estate digital marketing to generate leads and sell more. 

Keep the website updated as a real estate Digital Marketing strategy

The first and most elementary tip is to keep the site updated with complete data and information about the properties, if possible, with a good search system and many filters to make the user’s life easier. And lots of pictures, of course! t may even seem silly, but a site with little information and outdated is quickly discarded by the user, who hardly returns to close a deal.

Provide rich content to your user

Of course, basic information about properties makes up an important aspect of the content you produce for your audience. After all, it is in everyone’s interest to know the quality of the property, its location, benefits, payment, and financing methods, among myriad other points. But is that enough?

When we talk about content related to digital marketing, we are talking about rich and relevant content for the user’s life, planned and produced by your company to conquer an audience and turn them into qualified leads. This rich and interesting material for your client can be produced in different formats: blog posts, e-books, video tutorials, webinars, and infographics, among others.

The essence of content marketing is to captivate the user looking at that moment for more specific information on a topic related to your business. For example, you can publish on your blog a special post about the best bakeries in a certain neighborhood (where you have properties for sale) or produce an e-book on how to do good personal financial planning to be able to finance a property.

Make use of social networks and sponsored links.

All this content produced must reach people, and your future brings some results. To this end, there is nothing like using social media platforms, perfect for sharing this content, gaining visibility, and promoting interaction and engagement on the part of users. In addition, it is important to consider developing a sponsored links campaign, both on Google (through AdWords) and on Facebook (through Facebook Ads), so that your content reaches users and reaches the public in a certain way.


Digital Marketing Plan

How to make a Digital Marketing Plan for your company?

More and more companies have decided to start using Digital Marketing tools in their business strategies. Social networks, online ads, email marketing, and several other platforms are very attractive for those who want to win customers and increase their online sales, but without a well-structured Digital Marketing plan, these efforts can become costs.

It would help organize your business’s audience very well, what actions will be chosen, and the expected results. That’s why I created a step-by-step guide with everything you need to know about making a Digital Marketing Plan for your company. 

Does Digital Marketing work for my business?

Whenever we try something new, the question arises if it is right for what we need and suitable for our needs and goals. With Digital Marketing, it is no different, mainly because of the various aspects that involve the online world.

Different tools adapt to the most diverse types of business. Social networks suit most companies, but other more complete actions have different purposes.

Content Marketing seeks to create relevant content for your audience, dealing with your target audience’s doubts, pains, and expectations with your business and your area of expertise.

 E-mail Marketing is still one of the main allies of marketing teams that want to convert new customers. In other words, there are different means for different purposes. 

Do you realize how digital media are very different from offline? The important thing is to find what your company needs, know your audience, and invest in content creation and promotion.

Step by step to make a marketing plan

Now that we’ve talked a little about planning, Inbound Marketing, and Content Marketing, how about learning the step by step to make a good Digital Marketing plan for your business? Come with me!

 Know your persona

This is the fundamental step. If your Digital Marketing plan is designed to attract new customers, not knowing them would be wasting money and time. And when I talk about meeting them, it does not just know their age, gender, and social class. The definition of persona goes further. It’s discovering your pains, desires, doubts, needs, and goals and aligning them with what your product or service delivers.

Define the budget

Unlike offline advertising — which usually requires a very significant initial investment in Digital Marketing, you can adapt the strategy to your pocket. With less than ten$, it is already possible to advertise on the Internet, for example, but of course, the more you invest and the better the team that manages your strategy, the greater the chances of success. And the most remarkable thing is that you will have, in real-time, the engagement metrics of your campaign. 

So the plan can start with a small initial budget for testing. When you see that the actions bring good results (leads, clicks or traffic to your website, for example), increase the investment. If not, retest with another segmentation and approach. In short: your budget can be adapted and changed throughout the development of your strategy based on the results that appear.

Set goals

All planning needs to be thought out to achieve goals. It can’t be different with the Digital Marketing plan. Establish main objectives that can be achieved in the short, medium, and long term, based on the reality of your company and your budget.

For example, if you start e-commerce and your goal is to generate sales on your website, you can set a goal of 50 sales in the first three months, 300 in the first half, 1,000 in a year, etc.

 Analyze the competition

In any industry, you will rarely be alone in the market. If you want to discover it, you will need to study your competitors. Start by asking yourself:

  1. Who are my main competitors?
  2. Do they already have a digital presence?
  3. What do they do that is working? What is wrong that I can do better?
  4. What makes my product different from theirs?

By analyzing these threats and opportunities, you will be able to define which position to take, which content to produce, and several other valuable strategies for your Digital Marketing plan.

Take action!

Digital Marketing is very dynamic. It would help if you thought about the medium and long term, but it can’t take long to put the actions into practice because everything can change a year from now.

Start by organizing the channels you will use; think about the contents for each of them; structure your inbound Marketing strategies and, most importantly: don’t forget to have a competent team to manage all of this. Thus, you guarantee that no message from your persona will be ignored and that your audience will not be left without new content for long periods. 

In addition, metrics and results must be analyzed periodically to know if your plan is on the right track or if it will be necessary to exclude or optimize some strategy.

Instagram Marketing

How to grow your Audience on Instagram in 2022?

What was once a social network focused on sharing personal photos evolved into something unique: Instagram’s simplicity soon built a vast community, and companies were able to see its potential, making it the incredible digital marketing tool it is today. If you doubt whether Marketing on Instagram is also capable of giving results for your company, the answer is yes! Everyone can benefit, from the individual entrepreneur to the largest companies. In this article, you’ll discover tips to get the most out of Instagram!


How to do Marketing on Instagram?

Understand the dynamics of Marketing on Instagram

As with any other social network, Marketing on Instagram is based on the company’s communication with the public. So what you post must be original and relevant because the way you position yourself to talk about your own business and the audience’s pains, desires, and needs have the power to impact it and increase engagement positively. To help you, below, we’ve listed tips that you need to do before you start and as you move forward with your company’s Instagram!

Essential Marketing Tips on Instagram

   Define your goals 

Do you want to sell more? Establish a closer relationship with your customers? Make your company known throughout Brazil? Or all this? Thinking through these questions will help you align the content with its purpose.

Know your audience

You must deeply understand the audience you communicate with to bring about transformation. Most are people of what gender, age, profession? Seek even the most profound information: how you feel, what you worry about, dream about, etc.

Harness the power of humanization

An increasingly common and effective strategy in Digital Marketing is for the company to show who is “behind” it, being represented by a person’s face or a character. In this way, a bond is created with the public, who can easily see its values.

Complete your information

Fill your Instagram profile with your name, username, website link, bio, and contact options, and choose a good photo.

Make a schedule

Ideally, you’ll appear on Story and Feed frequently, so plan by producing and separating content types into days of the week and time of day.

Have an organized profile

Well-produced, eye-catching images with clear information make all the difference.

Don’t just post about your product.

You can share about different interests of the public, the day to day of your company and even behind the scenes. Above all, it must be original and address relevant topics.

Use content formats to your advantage.

The story may be more suitable for posts about the company’s routine and behind the scenes. Reels for a quicker, more simple message and Guide Instagram’s newest tool for more extensive content, similar to a blog post.

Interact with the public

As crucial as posting is interacting! Stay tuned for messages in Direct, don’t delay responding to comments, and, in Story, abuse the stickers as a question box, test, and poll. What can also be done is to automate responses to your audience, creating chatbots for Instagram through services like Send Pulse.

Dedicate yourself

The keyword for success with Digital Marketing on social media is dedication. If you are ready to commit for the long term, you will have good results, and you will surely achieve all your goals!

Inbound Marketing

One way to turn your followers into customers is to use Content Marketing through the Inbound Marketing methodology. The online presence is no longer optional. There are more than 1 billion monthly users, and marketing on Instagram may be what your company is missing. After all, who is not seen, is not remembered. Now that you know how important, valuable content is to your audience.


What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Where did Digital Marketing come from, and where is it going?

At the beginning of the Internet, the systems were outdated, and the pages were elementary. There were no interaction channels between company and customer. The communication was given unilaterally, as in traditional marketing methods.

The Internet evolved and, around the 2000s, Digital Marketing began to be built. The number of users has made companies invest more and more in this sector, bringing remarkable technical and technological evolution.

We follow all this movement and, as Digital Marketing, we are also in constant evolution, adapting more and more to the needs of the brands and the profiles of the public. Although it is constantly being reinvented, one thing that does not change: high quality and highly personalized content is the basis of all digital marketing success. I know it may sound more of the same, but it’s critical to say the right thing at the right time and to the right audience — so much so that this strategy came to be known as Content Marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

There is no mystery: Digital Marketing is marketing carried out in a digital environment. This allows companies to get closer to their audiences using social media, email marketing, and websites. This is where they need to know how to communicate correctly. In addition to facilitating direct and personalized communication between company and consumer, Digital Marketing is an excellent tool to strengthen the brand and make better sales.

How does Digital Marketing work

The Internet is much more dynamic: just take social networks as an example. The company creates a specific action or takes a stand in front of an event and has feedback from consumers in real-time, which can be used as a thermometer to measure the acceptance of certain content. Measuring the results of the strategies adopted in the digital sphere is also much easier and more accurate. It is even possible to adjust specific actions during their execution: if the results are not meeting expectations, just adopt new directions.

Digital marketing Usage

What is Digital Marketing for?

Digital Marketing can help micro, small, medium, and significant win more business opportunities. It is working with online strategies that used to be a privilege of more in-tuned companies that could make big investments, mainly in creating a good website. Today, fortunately, access to this type of service and strategy is increasingly accessible, and even small entrepreneurs can work with Digital Marketing strategies. Nobody wants to be left out of the online world, mainly because it opens many doors and allows companies to:

  • Better understand your audience;
  • Gain more customers;
  • Receive feedback;
  • To retain consumers;
  • Educate the market;
  • Increase the company’s brand awareness;
  • Generate leads;
  • Generate sales opportunities;
  • Grow the company’s profitability.

What are the necessary precautions to have a good Digital Marketing strategy?

Although more and more people are looking for Digital Marketing solutions, it is necessary to work with attention to some details that can be decisive for the success of your business. 

To avoid making the same mistakes that many entrepreneurs end up making daily, I decided to list some of the necessary precautions for structuring a successful digital campaign. Follow:

Study of people

The first step is to do a personas study. It’s not uncommon to find companies working in marketing, but they still don’t know much about their potential customers. To do this, you need to analyze your company’s ideal customer profiles. There may be more than one group of people, and that’s okay! At this point, it is vital to gather information such as:

  • Who are these people?
  • What are your routines like?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your needs?
  • What problems they face?
  • What are your most common buying objections?
  • How your company can help these people?
  • Which products or services are recommended?
  • What is the appropriate language to communicate with these people?
  • In which communication channels they look for information?
  • What kind of content they tend to consume?
  • What is these people’s buying journey?
  • What they value in a company in this segment?

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is also an essential detail before creating your digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, we can learn a lot from the mistakes and successes of other companies in the segment.

Keyword Research

Do a good keyword research if you want to be found on the Internet. At this point, it’s important that you already know your persona and knows precisely what kind of content and what subjects need to be worked on. With that in mind, you can do keyword research using tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to find the most exciting terms for your content production.

Then make a list of terms that will help you answer your consumers’ questions and create optimized content for each one of them, thinking about the search volume and the intention of those searches.

Channel analysis

The channel analysis is important for you to understand where you are today and the bottlenecks of their strategies. If you already have a website, make sure it has all the most critical information about your business, descriptions of the marketed products and services, company information, contact information, and other details. A complete, functional, and optimized website for a good experience for your consumers is the best way to work these channels.

Definition of goals and objectives

Before starting to structure your marketing strategy, a fundamental detail is to define your company’s objective and goals. Without a pre-defined objective, it will be challenging to know which are the best marketing actions and how to measure if you are having results or not with the efforts that are being made.

Therefore, it is important that you, before choosing actions, define what your objective is. Once the goal is set, it’s time to explain the goals and how often they are spaced out. Will you make monthly goals? Bimonthly goals? Or weekly goals?

With the defined goals, it is also possible to identify the key success indicators for each of them, allowing you to closely monitor whether the actions carried out within your business are bringing the expected results or if it is necessary to make adjustments to some of them. Of these points to conquer the planned numbers.

How do you choose the best Digital Marketing Strategies?

The communication market offers different solutions for companies. Then, we will explain what the most common strategies used by companies are. However, before that, we need to rethink a few things: if there are so many strategic options available, how do you choose the most interesting ones for your business? You must establish your objective and goals and, based on that, define adequate strategies to find the best paths for your business.

How to do Digital Marketing?

The first step to increasing your sales is seeing Digital Marketing as a generator of opportunities. Then, it is essential to analyze, define goals that can be achieved, and, above all, know your target audience well. This is the process we use to help our customers generate more results! Therefore, the Internet is the safest way to obtain information about your consumer’s profile, as social networks such as Instagram are powerful tools to create a closer relationship with the customer and be an efficient alternative to ensure the best sales. For this reason, I separated the Digital Marketing strategies that have worked the most. Check it out below:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is our specialty! It aims to attract customers through relevant content. In this way, companies seek to understand the needs of consumers and then establish a communication channel with these people, to offer a solution to their problems.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing’s primary function is to position your brand in the right place, time, and for the right person. Even better, he’s able to put his mark on people’s hearts, something we’re very proud to do! In other words, in addition to Content Marketing providing education and relevant information to the public, it solves people’s concerns to ensure that they become your company’s future customers.

It is a practical, economical and fast option. The blog is the most common way to get traffic to your website, as it is easy to manage, its development is simple, and the maintenance cost is low. However, for this strategy to generate a positive result, you must consider four steps:

  • be strategic in creating your content. That is, develop agendas with relevant information;
  • have a schedule for posts;
  • optimize text for Google using SEO practices;
  • go beyond text: diversify the type of communication by creating infographics, podcasts, videos, and more.

Email Marketing

Many believe the time for emails has passed, but this is a big mistake. They remain one of the most incredible powers of Digital Marketing. Believe me: the potential of an email list is huge (not to say growing), and the right actions can pay incredible returns. If you are looking for a place with influence, communication, and dialogue to spread your brand, social media is a good option for you. That’s because most of the time spent by Brazilian Internet users is on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

The potential of these channels is immense. After all, it opens doors for closer dialogues with your customers. But knowing how to create strategies to attract an audience to these spaces is not enough. It is also necessary to have plans to retain and engage them!

Advance Advertising 

Even offering an excellent product or service with reasonable prices and a competitive website, it is essential that you can bring people to know you. Many people can come by search engines, but it will be possible to leverage the income if you can find your target audience where it is. Therefore, set aside a budget to invest in digital media.

Conversion Rate  Optimization – CRO

Convert Rate Optimization or Conversion Optimization is a safe way to improve a website’s performance, increasing more traffic than the address already has. It is possible to increase conversions regardless of the number of visitors.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing is the Digital Marketing segment that focuses on developing strategies and dissemination format through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization and refers to the process of search engine optimization with Google. Through SEO practices, a company will be more easily found on the internet. Keywords are often the main optimization gimmick, but some expressions can tie search to branding. For example, if a user searches for “HR management,” he can also search for “HR tools,” and, of course, he will find related content.

In SEO practices, there are two types of strategies:

 On-page SEO 

It works when the company’s optimizations are carried out within the site. That is, the keywords or expressions entered by the user can lead directly to your company’s environment, considering the interests, doubts, or needs suggested. It is essential to provide exciting content and renew the post library. The contents must be following the defined persona and the target audience you want to reach.

 Off-page SEO

Strengthened the site’s internal strategies? It will be the time to broaden horizons and act virtually outside the company. Features like social media, link building, social bookmarking are good options for Off-page SEO. The content must prioritize quality and relevance so that Google understands that it is worth directing a search to your company’s website. Keep a continuous routine of actions for optimization, and opportunities will arrive even before the company imagines.

What are the main metrics of Digital Marketing?

Metrics of DM

When applying marketing strategies, you need to identify if the results are effective because campaigns perform differently for each business. To know which are the most suitable actions and if they put you on the path to success, there is only one way: to follow the metrics and measure them correctly.

These tools are fundamental parts of the Digital Marketing application because they show where the errors are, what needs to be adjusted, how to save on actions, what has changed in the indicators, and the new business opportunities, among other advantages. In other words, they are a perfect guide for strategic decision-making. Below is a list of the leading marketing metrics we consider essential to track. Better understand the importance of each of them for Digital Marketing actions!

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI is a comparative analysis of how much you spent and how much has grown in sales. A fundamental feature of how Digital Marketing works is to improve profits, so this is one of the most important metrics to evaluate. With this metric, you can know if the money invested in campaigns was well spent and receive insights to identify when it is interesting to increase the investment, further improving the result.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The CAC establishes a relationship between spending on Digital Marketing and customers. In other words, it measures the cost that each new customer represents to the company, showing whether the campaigns are worth the effort.This includes all expenses applied in promotion strategies, from the amounts invested in marketing to the salaries of the sales force. To calculate the CAC, you must separate the desired period and evaluate the difference between these values and the number of accounts that appeared in the given time.

Monthly Recurring  Revenue (MRR)

MRR allows you to visualize your company’s growth in terms of revenue from monthly invoicing. This means that advance payments can be adjusted to assess a growth trend. To do this, just divide them by 12. However, cash payments, accountant expenses, and discounts must be excluded. Include credit transaction and billing fees.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

The CPA is responsible for lead generation. It is the sum of expenses and contacts acquired within a time. For Google Ads campaigns, the amount charged on the CPA is equivalent to the conversions of leads within the site.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The CPL assesses the expense to generate a new lead. This metric helps in how Digital Marketing works because it shows if the campaigns are well adjusted. Ideally, the CPL should be as low as possible, but high values are also justified if conversions from leads to customers are efficient. The result is relative, which justifies hiring a specialized company to measure the metrics.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan?

When investing in Digital Marketing strategies, it is essential to have a marketing plan, as executing the various actions that make up this methodology without strategic planning can be a big problem for your business — and for your pocket. However, there are three steps you should consider when creating your Digital Marketing plan. Check it out below.

  • Define your goals, establish short-, medium- and long-term goals;
  • Make use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs );
  • Know your target audience.

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

It is clear that digital media influence everything around us, and marketing is no different. Therefore, expanding companies must have Digital Marketing as a priority. Among the advantages are:

More Communication and Interactivity

The first advantage is the improvement in communication and interactivity with your audience. Digital channels, especially social networks, are commonly used as contact tools between customers and companies. On these platforms, consumers and prospects take advantage of proximity to answer questions about products and services, provide feedback and talk about expectations and tips to stand out in the market.

More Competitiveness

Increased competitiveness is also a reality. When your company is available online, it manages to strengthen ties with consumers, keep up with the competition, reinforce its competitive advantages and, with care and attention, even retain consumers!

Best Value for Money

Unlike traditional and offline strategies, Digital Marketing has more democratic values. This is one of the benefits, especially for small and medium businesses. The cost-effectiveness of the investment is excellent: in addition to allowing you to work with more affordable prices, campaigns tend to be much more segmented, enabling you to reach only those audiences that matter to your business.

Greater global reach

The Internet also allows you to achieve greater reach. For example, if your company works with a software solution, it might be interesting to work with a national space. With Digital Marketing, you’ll be able to reach people across the country more straightforwardly and practically compared to traditional strategies.

Analysis and measurement in concrete data

This is one of the most outstanding benefits of Digital Marketing. When we think about traditional marketing, it’s much more complicated to think about measurement: how to measure which customers arrived through magazine ads? How to estimate how many customers arrived via a back bus? With Digital Marketing, it is possible to know exactly where each client and prospect came from, what path they took to get here, and, from there, identify which strategies are being more promising and which investments need to be readjusted.

More Opportunities

With focused and well-targeted strategies, it may be possible to increase the number of sales opportunities. With lead generation, it is possible to educate the market and guide them to the moment of purchase through a well-designed funnel. When you work with Digital Marketing, you can help the consumer go through the purchase process more intuitively and straightforwardly.

Attracts the Right Audience

The segmentation of Digital Marketing strategies is also one of the unique attractions for companies. When, in traditional marketing, we needed to take a giant leap to win a few customers, with Digital Marketing, it is possible to segment more and more and focus on distributing the message only to those people who can represent a potential customer base for your business. The more focused your strategy and the closer you get to the right audience, the greater the chances of conversion.

Allows access to Customer Feedback

Social media allows the company and customers to communicate in a much more transparent way. Users tend to use these tools to share more practically and directly with companies that have purchased or are interested in purchasing. Suppose you are in these channels and know how to use them strategically. In that case, you will be able to identify some suggestions coming directly from your customers to improve your image in the market and increase your competitiveness.

What are the worst Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Marketing strategies can bring many benefits. However, you must pay the utmost attention to every detail to reap these rewards. Are you doing everything right, or do you need to review some things? See what the most common mistakes companies make are:

  • Not knowing your persona
  • Not setting goals
  • Choose inappropriate strategies
  • Not understanding your business needs
  • Not understanding your company’s seasonality
  • Ignore the need to retain your consumer
  • Not using the proper language to communicate
  • Take specific actions and not invest in recurrence
  • Have a very heavy site that takes time to load
  • Do not have blogs 
  • Do not worry about your content variation and format
  • Not knowing the awareness of your market
  • Not tracking metrics
  • Not optimize marketing values

What are the results of not investing in Digital MarketingM

Digital Marketing is no longer an alternative and has become a must for those companies that want to ensure market competitiveness. That said, we can imagine that not investing in Digital Marketing is a risk for companies, regardless of market or size.

Business does not follow the Market

The market is evolving and is becoming more and more digital. To grow your company, you need to keep up with the trends and always be able to stay ahead of the competition. However, if you ignore Digital Marketing, the chances of falling behind are very high. Being in the digital environment will help you improve your relationship with the public and increase the number of sales and optimize routines and review internal processes.

Difficulty Finding new Customers

Consumer habits have changed and adapted to the digital world. Today, most consumers are aware of searching online before closing a deal with any company. So, if you want to find customers and be considered by those prospects looking for solutions similar to yours, you need to be in the digital world.

Difficulty in Retaining Customers

Digital Marketing, together with marketing automation tools, can allow companies to retain more and more consumers. After all, we know that a loyal customer can be much more profitable than a new customer. With the right platforms and online communication to reach these people, it is possible to create a network of loyal, satisfied consumers and promoters of your brand. The result? The increase in organic referrals and its customer base.

Competitive Difficulty

How will you compete for your customers ‘ attention if every business is in the digital world and yours isn’t?  The Internet and Digital Marketing allow companies to work to reinforce their competitive advantages and attract more and more customers according to these people’s needs. If you are not on these channels, which many consumers even consult before making a purchase decision, how do you expect to be considered at the time of sale?

It is necessary to think that embracing Digital Marketing strategies is not just a detail: they are a measure to ensure that your company does not die on the beach.

Reduction in Company Profitability

Of course, with the reduction of competitiveness in the market, the difficulty of standing out from the competition, and attracting more customers, the company’s profitability also drops. A sustainable business needs to maintain recurrent growth and always be adept at market news to transform its reality into something more profitable and profitable.

Why hire a specialized agency?

Relying on the help of a specialized consultancy makes all the difference since a Digital Marketing agency has the right mechanisms for your company to generate results. And we, at SEO Lahore, know how to do this! With many years of experience, SEO Lahore is an agency focused on boosting your company’s success through innovation, adding value to everything it does in pursuit of the best results. We have created a unique way of working based on four principles: marketing, sales, technology, and customer succes

Google indexing Issue

Pages Are Not Indexed by Google What to do?

Google is facing serious indexing issues today, affecting numerous businesses around the world. Despite official announcements that the indexing issues have been fixed, the problems appear to persist.

Google is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and clearest monopolies in the world. Its closest search competitor, Bing, has only 2% of the market – hardly a significant threat to Google’s 90%. So, what happens when Google’s SERP isn’t working correctly?

Google Indexing Issue 

It all started in late September when several complaints arose related to pages being removed from Google’s search index. Many people began reporting index coverage issues and tracking errors in forums, Facebook groups, etc.

Twitter was the most popular channel for this type of issue, as usual, as it’s the only place where there’s a chance that a Google rep might respond to the point.

There is no action for website owners to take on these issues. We apologize for the problems here and are working quickly to resolve them. We will update this topic as each is fixed. It can take days to resolve these two issues completely, but we’ve already restored a lot of URLs and are quickly working to process more.

But things aren’t exactly like that. Aside from the fact that three weeks without indexing new content or deindexing old content is a vast amount of time as far as Internet days are concerned, the problem persists, as several webmasters have reported.

There is no action for website owners to take on these issues. We apologize for the problems here and are working quickly to resolve them. We will update this topic as each is fixed. It can take days to resolve these two issues completely, but we’ve already restored a lot of URLs and are quickly working to process more.

What is Google’s Canonization Problem?

The canonical issue impacted about 0.02% of our index, starting around. We’ve since restored about 10% of these URLs, and we’ve continued to reprocess more. It is somehow a duplicate content issue. For example, let’s say you publish a new article, and then a scraper copies your entire article and posts it the same way.

The canonical tag added to your site would tell Google that your article is the original and should be ranked first. So, if you have page B rank on some keyword, you can ask Google to show page A instead.

Still, once the canonization issue came up, Google wouldn’t show the original content, but the syndicated one (that which is a copy of the original)

What’s the Google Mobile Indexing Problem

The problem caused new pages to take a long time to index and appear in Google’s index. As a result, some of the newly published content has not yet been indexed.

Even the big websites were affected by these problems. Report issues on September 29 as found it strange that all these sites that post news every two minutes have not indexed anything from the last minute.

What’s the Google Mobile Indexing Problem

The mobile indexing problem caused new web pages to take a long time to index and appear in Google’s index. As a result, some of the newly published content has not yet been indexed.

Even the big websites were affected by these problems. Below you can see some images made by Edison Then. He reported this issue on September 29 as he found it strange that all these sites that post news every two minutes have not indexed anything from the last minute. 

As you can see from the screenshots above, many webmasters complained that they disappeared from the index. As you can see from the image below, Google stated that the issue only affected a few sites (about 0.2%).

How Google’s Indexing Problem Affects Your Business

The short answer to that would be Big Time.

Home pages, articles, product pages were suddenly deindexed. Imagine that your company’s website no longer appears in surveys.

Google search errors will cause a massive drop in organic traffic. As a result, your content marketing strategy will no longer be applicable.

It’s easy to forget that, after all, Google is just a private business like any other. The one who holds the global monopoly of search engines, with an impressive 92.27% market share on which we all depend, and who has managed to insert his namesake as a common word in the dictionary. But a private company nonetheless. So, while we all like to understand what’s happened and what’s happening and move on with our virtual lives, it might not be that easy.

Can you do anything about this situation?

The short answer is no. Instead, we have to wait and hope that things get back to normal, a phrase we’re sure you’ve heard many times lately. Google is so ubiquitous these days that we don’t even think of it as a private company most of the time. Both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary added “to google” as a transitive verb in 2006. It’s so common that it’s just. There. And with a market share of over 90%, this way of thinking comes as no surprise.

The problem with all this is that we tend to think of common nouns as more reliable for some reason. Google is no longer a company but some public utility service whose sole intention is to help its users rather than balance that and profit as a leading private company.

Even if all this is true, it’s what companies tend to do. They keep a little to themselves. They sell more or less as it suits their purpose. But, due to Google’s near-monopoly, they’re also able to double the playing field, not just accuracy or truth. The search engine giant has no obligation to be excellent. As a private company, they don’t need to tell anyone how they update their algorithms when they have bugs, the intended impact of their actions, or their strategy. However, there is an entire industry that is trying to figure out precisely these things.

Google core update November 2021

Google core update November 2021

Google is presenting a new wide core update today called the November 2021 Core Update. This is the 3rd core update Google launched in 2021.


 Google announced this rollout on the Google Search Central Twitter account, not the Search Liaison account, which it has done for all various other previous statements on core updates.

The rollout started

 Google upgraded us that the rollout had begun. Google claimed, “The November 2021 Core Update is currently rolling outlive. As is regular with these updates, it will usually take around one to two weeks to roll out.”

It is a bit surprising to see Google roll out this upgrade previously, and likely during the greatest on the internet holiday buying period. Some Important events are less than two weeks away as well as Google is presenting this upgrade beginning today.

Previously Google took breaks before the vacation shopping period. It was Google’s present to web admins, said former Googler Matt Cutts.

Previous core updates.

 One of the most recent last core updates was the July 2021 core upgrade and before that. It was the June 2021 core update which update was slow to present but a big one. Then we had the December 2020 core upgrade, and the December upgrade was significant, larger than the May 2020 core update, and that upgrade was also large and wide and took many weeks to turn out. Before that was the January 2020 core upgrade, we evaluated that particular upgrade over right here.

The one before that was the September 2019 core upgrade. That update felt weak to lots of SEOs and also webmasters. As many stated, it did not have as big of an influence as the previous core update. Google likewise released an upgrade in November, yet that a person specified to regional positions. You can read more regarding previous Google updates over right here.

Are you Affected from it?

. Google has given recommendations on what to consider if you are negatively affected by a core upgrade in the past. Unfortunately, there aren’t detailed activities to recuperate, and in fact, an unfavorable positions effect may not signify anything wrong with your pages. Google has provided a list of concerns to think about if a core update strikes your site. Google claimed you can see a slight recovery between core updates; however, the most significant modification you would see would undoubtedly want an additional core update.

Pro Tip related to SEO

Google Recently says in Question, that Bold text will help and improve your ranking as well easily understood by google. Google crawlers determined the importance of bold and italic content on the surface. But it is also doing things on-page that what is actually bold.


whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithms, it means that your website can do far better or even worse in the search results. Recognizing when Google makes these updates offers us something to indicate if it was something you changed on your website or something Google changed with its ranking formula. Today, we know Google will be launching a core position upgrade, so keep an eye on your analytics and positions over the following couple of weeks.

Google Aswords

Mistakes avoid during advertising on Google: Google AdWords

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your site immediately, there is no quick way to advertise on Google AdWords. Google advertising brings immediate results, and its effectiveness can be measured very accurately.

Google advertises how easy it is to promote in Google AdWords and that anyone can manage the advertising for them, but this is not the case. Every year we see dozens of campaigns that do not work effectively to generate profit for the business. Managing Google campaigns for companies requires expertise, professionalism, and a lot of experience, improper management of a sponsored campaign will result in a waste of money that can add up to significant amounts.

Wrong choice of words

The basis for any good AdWords campaign is choosing the right words, working with the Google keyword planner, and locating the most relevant words for your business, do not be blinded by high search volumes, focusing on the quality of the terms and choose only phrases that are looking for your service or product. You can see precisely what people exposed to your ads have listed by going to the “Search Terms” report.

Failure to use negative keywords

Each keyword list has the other side, negative keywords, which are lists at the entire campaign level or at the ad group level that you do not want your ads to appear on. We have not yet encountered a campaign that did not need negative keywords. The list is not a list to which phrases are added, and we are done. It is a list that must be maintained every week. We recommend adding phrases to this list according to the words and not a broad or exact match.

Failure to use geographic locations

Google’s default that your ads will be displayed to all Israeli residents, the interface allows you to target your ads to specific areas in the country: Central / North / South / Jerusalem district and also at city level (not the most accurate but still better than nothing) and can also be targeted by radius from a certain point.

Tip: Make city-level price adjustments after seeing the performance of cities.

Failure to use ad extensions

Beyond two titles and a description, these are mandatory fields to fill in. Google allows you to present the surfer with additional information that will help you improve the performance of the campaign:

  • Call extension: Your phone number will appear next to the ad/speed dial that you are looking for from your mobile – dramatically improving the number of calls to you.
  • Key advantages: Additional information that you can write about yourself: It is recommended to list mainly strengths that the surfer will see before clicking on your ad.
  • Location extension: You can add your geographic location to an ad for people to see where you are located, especially recommended for local businesses.
  • Built-in information plugin: A plugin that came in relatively recently, it is a plugin that you can add which services you provide, with which brands you work, and more.
  • There are more extension numbers that you should try: sending a message, site links, and more.

Landing page not optimized for mobile or not good enough

Quite a few advertisers tend to invest in their website in the desktop version but forget to invest in their mobile version. In recent years the mobile has been gaining momentum, and in most areas, the mobile constitutes over 50% of the total visitors.

We recommend that you go over your site well in the mobile version and see how the browsing experience is, criticize yourself, and improve the visibility that will be more convenient to contact you.

  1. Long charging times

Lots of talking about website loading times. Many good tools can give you scores on your loading times with highlights and fix notes. Do not underestimate loading times. The fast loading of the site significantly improves the conversion rate on it. You can build a great AdWords campaign with a conversion rate of 4%, but if you strengthen your upload times on desktop and mobile, the conversion rate can improve significantly.

  1. No conversion tracking

Performance analysis will make your campaign work better. Still, it is impossible to analyze the performance accurately without installing tracking of the number of people who called or filled out the contact forms on your site. In addition, a campaign manager must know which search terms led to the conversion and which search terms did not. Usually, installing conversion tracking is a simple technical thing that does not require far-reaching knowledge. Still, if you do not know you will use a professional, running a sponsored campaign without conversion tracking is not allowed.

In conclusion

 of course, there are many more highlights that can be expanded. We recommend that you take a professional who will do all these things for you and much more. You need to concentrate on your business and let a professional create the best performance for you.

SEO company

How to choose an SEO Company

For every Google search, there are many search results. The competition for every Google search becomes more significant as time goes on. More and more SEO companies and businesses are competing for every search query that the surfers perform in the search engines.

To succeed and meet the SEO task and achieve the desired results, you need the services of a professional and experienced SEO company. This veteran company knows how to face any challenge and meet any competition in any field, and field, a company that thinks your success has failed and sets common goals for success.

As time goes on, more and more SEO companies are opening, and the market today is flooded with many companies, each targeting the customer in a slightly different way which creates great confusion for the customer and leads to wrong decisions in characterizing the process and choosing the right way to promote the site.


For such a big and competitive challenge, you must know that the company you will work with knows how to meet similar tasks, ask the company for a customer list/customer result, and in addition search for the company’s customers in Google search results with relevant phrases and even call customers for other opinions and recommendations.

Professional SEO team and comprehensive response

It is highly recommended to hire an experienced company with a comprehensive team and with different specializations in the field of the Internet to provide the most comprehensive solution in the area of the Internet so that all parties are treated on the most professional side (web promoters, marketers, developers and programmers, web designers, etc.). You will know how to provide a professional solution for all Internet marketing activities. Make an appointment at the company’s offices and try to impress yourself.

Quality SEO Methods (Will the site last long?)

The diversity of companies in the field also creates problematic SEO phenomena that violate Google’s guidelines (black hat SEO), which may lead to a rapid and unnatural increase of the site and eventually disqualify the location in Google. Many companies use improper methods, so it is vital to check what actions they choose to promote your site. Proper SEO thinks about the surfer and what is suitable for him.

Transparency and common goals in the website promotion process

A website promoter should ultimately be an integral part of the business. In continuous contact with the business owner, similar to a marketing manager, it is vital to understand whether the promotion company has transparency with the customer. Examine whether the promotion company sees your goals as a failure and whether you desire to share information, reports, actions performed, and anything similar. A willingness to be transparent on the part of the promotion company shows credibility and a desire for shared success.

SEO Companies: Beware of Imitations

Some SEO companies will offer you weird offers (too discounted payment for promotion services/pay only after success / quick promotion to the first page and a variety of offers that sound too pink). As business owners, you can do a simple calculation and understand that to reach the first page. There is a narrow gap with competitors Who are already there. All this requires many monthly working hours and different resources for the project. Hence the calculation can already be done alone. Cheap promotion = fewer working hours = lack of success.

Objectives and expected progress for the website promotion process

Once you have formulated search words for the promotion of the site, try to get from the promotion company what its expectations are for the progress of the project and the achievement of the marketing goals, this can help you understand the pace of progress in advance and avoid misunderstandings in the future. Again, it is essential to be careful of false presentations (“in three months you are first”).

Why choose SEO Lahore

SEO is a profession acquired knowledge and experience in SEO & Internet marketing in general. To get through, the site’s promotion should be sifted through who embarks and who ultimately achieves lasting results. High-quality works correctly; pick SEO Lahore wisely. Much. After an in-depth examination, you will know how to provide a quality and professional service to promote your website.


Updating Google user experience

Updating Google’s user experience – What you need to know

Google’s user experience update is one of the most significant technical updates of 2021. However, unlike other updates, this update did not come as a surprise, and Google announced it about a year in advance to be prepared for.

First of all, it is vital to take a deep breath and understand that the Google update (which started rolling out in August) did not significantly affect most of the sites on the web, but mainly those sites whose user experience is very poor mediocre. Still, it’s always a good idea to do a home inspection and improve the site – if not for Google, then for your surfers.

What does the user experience consist of?

Updating Google’s user experience consists of two parts – the first part, which consisted of three different factors, was already embedded in the algorithm and is now joined by three other new factors called the Core Web Vitals.

We will briefly go over the first three factors:

1. Mobile-Friendly– how the site looks and well-functioning mobile browsing. The site must consider the narrow format of the screen and display fonts of legible size and sufficient spacing between the elements (links, buttons, etc.). You can check for issues with this through the Search Console.

2HTTPS – Google strongly recommends that every site use a security certificate and move to the HTTPS secure standard. This standard ensures that no unencrypted information will pass into hostile hands, only between the server and the surfer’s computer.

3. aggressive advertising (No Intrusive Ads) – Google warns against excessive ads that hide the page’s main content or demand from users to scroll the screen to see it. A site that uses such techniques (especially mobile) may suffer a drop in rankings.

The four remaining factors are the new factors that have entered the algorithm. It should be noted that they are not brand new and could already be tested through Google’s SpeedSpeed ​​Insights.

LCP – Loading and displaying the most significant content component

This measure measures the time it takes for a site to display the most significant content component, Largest Contently Paint, at the top of the page (the one that does not require scrolling). The most significant component can be, for example, an image, a video player, or a paragraph of text that uses a custom font. Google’s recommendation is less than 2.5 seconds. Between 2.5 and 4 seconds, an improvement is required, and beyond that, the situation is terrible.

Visual stability – CLS

This is a measure designed to measure how “stable” the site is. You’ve probably seen sites with elements that start to move or behave strangely when you go through them with the past cursor or click on them (including menus with animations). This can happen at any stage when you browse the site and not just while it is loading.

How do the different colors help us evaluate our performance?

If you go to Google’s Measurement Tool, Pagespeed Insights, and type in the URL of a particular site, you’ll see that its overall numerical score can be red, orange, or green in the mobile or desktop test.

  • A red color indicates that the site is in poor condition in terms of speed, and you should improve it
  • The orange color shows that the site is up in a reasonable amount of time, but there is room for improvement
  • A green color indicates that the site is loading quickly, but there may still be room for improvement

The bad news is that if one of your metrics is in the red zone, from Google’s point of view, it will not pass the user experience test.

Anyway, the goal is to get close to 100, but even Google sites cannot always get close to that.

Important Notice

to get the site loading speed, Google’s algorithm can rely on lab data it computes using internal testing or field data. Area data is only available if enough surfers share their browsing experience with Google and visit your site.

In practice, this means that sometimes you will get a lower or even higher speed, although it seems that recently Google has improved their tests.

The tool will also show you ways on how to improve each of the metrics. These are primarily technical recommendations, so it is best to pass them on to a programmer or development company. If you run the site yourself (for example, using WordPress), consider removing unwanted plugins or installing a cash plugin to speed up site performance.