ASO/app store optimization

As much as they offer the same services, the Play Store and Apple Store app stores have different rules and ways to host software. This ranges from the number of screenshots that can be used to the size of the product description.

This difference causes confusion for whoever is optimizing an application. After all, what is the best strategy to use? Which store to invest in?

Just as digital marketing requires good SEO planning, application marketing requires ASO . All the elements, in their smallest details, are taken into account when creating the strategies.

To better understand the importance of App Store Optimization and how it should work on your platform, check out our Definitive Guide to the ASO .



Qualification Criteria

It's important to focus on strong keywords, as they will help your app stand out when searching the stores. Another issue that justifies the strength of keywords is title sizes. While in the Google store you have 50 characters to build the title, in the Apple store there are 30.

Qualification Criteria
Work your product description wisely. Make use of more keywords, as well as build compelling text for app store visitors . This field can be definitive at the time of the user to download it or not.


Make the icon talk to your app’s proposal. All elements must be related to each other, in addition to complementing each other and conveying the correct message to the page visitor. Image quality also weighs heavily on the strategy.

This is a point that few people care about as they should. Imagine a clothing store where clothes are in one sector and shoes in another. If you put the shoes out of your session, what are the chances that they will be sold?

The same happens in app stores: it is very common for people to search for what they need within categories, such as games, productivity and personalization, for example. These virtual sectors make it easier for users to search.

Videos and screenshots
The media made available on the Play Store and Apple Store are critical to increasing conversions. They summarize the services offered by the app and, thus, make it easy to view the app without having to download it to do so.

Therefore, it is important to disclose content materials, with good quality and with the exposure of interesting product functions. Enjoy and work, even more, the application’s marketing in these media.

Enlist the help of experts
A good ASO strategy is related to the knowledge you have, not just in the apps, but in the Play Store and Apple Store. So that there is no more doubt, check out our e-book . And count on the help of an expert for an effective strategy.

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