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Thousands of people search Google every day for different products or services; displaying advertisements on Google allows you to get a lot of exposure to potential customers by managing a professionally sponsored campaign and displaying advanced advertisements in Google search results. Managing a sponsored advertising campaign on Google requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. Maximize your advertising budget and maximize campaign performance. Our company is a leading company in Israel, managing campaigns and sponsored Google already operates in over 15 years. Our company is one of Google's advertising certified and boasts the certification of Google Partners Premier. Receiving the Premier certification from Google indicates that the agency has demonstrated proficiency and expertise in advertising in Google AdWords (PPC-funded campaign management), has met the required threshold of advertising spending on Google and managed large advertising budgets, increasing customer revenue and maintaining and expanding its customer base over time. Building a Google advertising campaign and managing a professional, high-quality campaign with high-quality scores is of great importance in its success and the achievement of Google's advertising goals.



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Advertising on Google YouTube campaign

Google also allows advertisers to advertise their products or services through YouTube videos and affiliate sites. In addition, you can run a sponsored advertising campaign on YouTube. Google will enable you to advertise in a wide variety of types of video ads on YouTube. We monitor the advertising campaign's performance daily, with an emphasis on CPV (Cost Per View) and constantly check the quality and quantity of views in the campaign.



Manage a Google Shopping advertising campaign

Advertising Opportunity for Trade Sites to Advertise Product Ads In Google Search Results With the Google Shopping Campaign, the ads contain detailed information for each product that the advertiser seeks to sell. The information will have the product image, product cost and brand name. The ability of store owners and trade sites to advertise products on Google directly in the search results allows them to increase the exposure of the products to surfers who search for the product in Google search results, displaying a product in Google Shopping ads significantly increases conversion rates for each in-store product and brings targeted exposure to targeted surfers Clear purchase.


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