How Local SEO help Businesses

How can local SEO help to grow your business?

You are ensuring that your business appears in the results of Google and other search engines is unquestionably essential, as this provides greater visibility for the brand, which leads to more people accessing your website or blog and, consequently, more customers purchasing your products or services.

And this is even more important for small and medium-sized companies, even if they are limited to a city or neighborhood. But what to do to attract only the public to your city? The answer lies in Local SEO. To learn all about this strategy, read carefully!

What is SEO? 

SEO is the symbol for Search Engine Optimization. The set of strategies is used to help a website achieve the best possible position in search engines. For this, SEO uses the production of relevant content, focusing on specific keywords and the construction of links from other sites, among other actions.

Imagine a tourist who has just arrived in a city and doesn’t know where to eat at night. When searching for restaurants on the internet, the ideal would be that the nearest restaurants were offered to him in his search, right?

And that’s what Local SEO is for, which is applying this set of strategies to guarantee better positions in searches according to the user’s location. With a Local SEO strategy, companies can improve the positioning of their websites based on their geographic location, such as neighborhoods and cities.

How to improve local SEO?

Among the most important actions for a business to appear in local search results, we highlight the following resources:

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that helps businesses connect with customers based on their location. It has many features that allow the customer to locate the company, such as displaying the business on Google Maps, entering business hours, and even phone numbers.

In addition, it is possible to receive and respond to comments which further optimizes direct communication with the customer.


A social network that contains geolocation elements, Foursquare allows people to find establishments close to their location. Therefore, the website has great relevance in SEO strategies. Creating a profile for your company on Foursquare is essential for building an efficient Local SEO!


Waze is an application that works like a GPS, helping drivers to locate themselves and find the best transit routes. To realize its importance to Local SEO, remember that Google is not the only search engine out there — especially when it comes to local searches. With a Waze profile, your company will be easily found by drivers driving around the region!

Now that you know the importance of Local SEO and the benefits it can bring to your company, how about investing in this strategy as well? Contact us and learn how we can help you ensure your business continues to grow!

SEO for real estate

SEO for Real Estate in the USA

The internet and technology have created significant business opportunities like real estate, mainly because people are constantly connected and willing to find everything they need on the net.

This reality has also been extended to real estate companies and construction developers, creating a website so that people can view apartments and houses that are ready or under construction without having to leave their homes.

What is digital marketing in real estate?

It is the way to advertise and promote a business on the internet, covering all available media to reach customers.

Digital marketing in real estate has grown tremendously in recent years, and the trend is only better because most people are looking for a property to rent, buy or build on a plot.

Why should I advertise my real estate company online?

After following the first tips mentioned above, it’s time to set a concrete goal for increasing the company’s searches and views on the internet:

  • Increase sales of the company’s properties (houses, apartments and land);
  • Be ready to compete with the competition;
  • Track search results and evolutions in real-time;
  • Understand what your audience’s needs are;
  • Optimize company costs and gain more visibility on the internet;
  • Attract new customers and business partners;
  • Understand how the real estate market works.

Anyone who thinks that digital marketing does not include real estate companies is wrong, as any enterprise, regardless of its size, must strengthen its brand and company over the internet.

In addition to the real estate sector being immensely sought every month of the year (in greater or lesser demand), companies must be available for the client to find what he is looking for.

What type of media to invest in?

Preferably for all, the more the company gains views, the greater its success on the internet. Let’s get to know some of them:

  • Social networks: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp;
  • Company’s website;
  • Sales pages;
  • Virtual store;
  • Email marketing.

 Chose to create a website for real estate

This is an excellent choice! But, to further reinforce the company’s engagement on the internet, you can also choose to create commercial accounts on social networks, WhatsApp and send emails to customers.

  • Define what the name of the site will be;
  • Choose a reliable company to create your website, domain and hosting, see here how to make yours securely and quickly;
  • Include the company’s mission, vision and values ​​in a specific tab on the website;
  • The site needs to be functional, easy to navigate and access, and look good and modern.

The photos of properties posted on the site must have excellent resolution, containing all the information available to customers, for example:

  • Descriptions of properties, how many rooms, bathrooms, leisure areas, and other differentials;
  • Property prices (for rent and buy);
  • Company contacts numbers, emails, social networks, etc.;
  • All photos of the properties must also be on the company’s social networks.

SEO strategies for optimizing your company

SEO is the primary strategy that Google uses to search for the information entered by the user.

When someone searches for a specific term on Google, for example, the term homes for sale in city X, they will come up with several results related to that search.

Generally, people don’t make it past the second page of the internet search. If they don’t find what they want on the first try, they will probably search for another term, keyword, or the specific company’s website directly.

Therefore, if a real estate agent does not have a website and a consistent and optimized blog on the internet, it will indeed not be easily found by its customers.

How does Real Estate SEO work?

Every real estate agent should do a quick internet search for real estate-related terms that people have been searching. Let’s cite some examples:

  • Houses for rent
  • Houses to buy
  • Houses to buy cheap
  • Houses for sale
  • Land to buy
  • Three-bedroom house for affordable rent
  • large kitchen
  • Beautiful houses
  • Luxurious houses
  • Futuristic houses
  • houses on the beach
  • houses by the sea
  • Real X houses for rent

Based on these terms, it is much easier to create advertisements for houses to rent and sell, including land.

These terms or keywords should be included whenever possible, both on social media, on the company’s website and in email marketing.

Thus, every time someone searches for a term on the internet related to real estate topics, the chances of Google presenting the company’s results to the user will be enormous.

Let’s list the strategies to master internet search once and for all.

  1. Understand at once how Google works in search;
  2. Don’t underestimate Google’s ranking. You should always bet inconsistent terms, without excessive repetition and by the company’s theme;
  3. Always present high-quality content on your website;
  4. Maintain safe navigation on your website, avoiding penalties from Google that are harmful to the company;
  5. The site must be fully responsive, easy to navigate on a mobile, notebook, computer, tablet, etc.;
  6. It is also crucial that the site has a high loading speed, preventing people from leaving the page in a few minutes;
  7. Real estate websites should be easy to navigate, with tabs securely attached, contact numbers visible, and contact forms;
  8. Investing in creating websites is the same as investing in the company;
  9. The site should have good technical support whenever it needs updates or if an error occurs.

It is essential always to maintain the standardization and style of the colors chosen for the company’s website, as well as on social networks, so there is no confusion in the client’s mind, and he is always able to associate the colors, brand and logo of your real estate company.

Professionals who work with social networks and the internet should continually update themselves, aware of all the needs and most searched terms about real estate and the like. This is real estate marketing.

Organizing the company’s strategic sales team

Now that we know how to create a website, invest in the content on the internet, and thus get more customers, it’s time to prepare the company’s marketing team so that they are ready to serve customers, monitor social networks and feed them with content continuously.

1 – Administrative Team: are those professionals who are responsible for the financial, bureaucratic part of the company;

2 – Content creation team: Can include social media, copywriters, advertisers;

3 – Brokers: professionals responsible for making face-to-face visits to the company’s houses, apartments and land, and helping to create the virtual space of the houses. These collaborators must have the proper CRECI credentials.

Information Technology (IT) Team: professionals responsible for setting up the structure of the company’s website, technical support, information management, access to the real estate’s social media, among others.

5 – Alignment with the company’s employer: all sectors of the company are essential, but they must be aligned with the objective and goal of the employer, which in this case is the owner of the real estate company.

What are customers most looking for in a property?

It depends on the region where the customers live, as in some places in Brazil, as it is scalding, residents prefer airier houses, close to the beach, made with lighter material that allows air to pass through.

In the country’s Southeast region, people prefer more private houses, without giving up comfort and luxury, but valuing the security of the property.

People want a responsive and functional website, but they also want a human service, who understands them, knows what they’re looking for and can help them.

Admittedly, there is a lot of competition in the real estate market, but there is room for everyone. Outlining a good sales strategy, online and in-person disclosure, there’s no mistake.