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How do you sell your SEO services?

Many newcomers to digital marketing enter the SEO market and are stuck to social networks, often forgetting SEO’s potential to build a more lasting and recurring business. Hearing the noise of commissions falling is very good and gives us the strength to continue. Still, we have to think about making money now with social media and how to create a scalable business that will continue to bear fruit in the future. That is, it generates recurring sales, the famous sales while you sleep. And for that, we can apply some SEO techniques to position blogs and small websites on the first page of Google and sell every day as an affiliate.

SEO in 2022

To make money with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), do I notice that you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and think in the long term, combined? Making money by placing blogs and websites on the first pages of Google is possible, but it’s not magic, and it’s not easy, as many people say. But with a little dedication and application of the right techniques.

And if you’ve come this far, it’s because you already know what SEO is, but in case you don’t, I’ll simplify: it’s optimizing your content so that they are easily found in search engines. So, if you are an affiliate and want to sell a product, check if there are searches for that product on Google and then work on the keyword to position on the first page. Realize that there must be searches for the product. That is, there must be demand, people interested in buying. Then, when the person types in Google: “XYZ Product,” if your article is among the first positions, the chances of the reader clicking will be greater. For example: when someone types in Google: “how to bake pot cake,” they are not necessarily interested in buying a product that teaches how to bake pot cake.

How Can I Start Making Money With SEO?

The good thing about SEO is that it opens up a huge range of possibilities. In other words, you can work as an affiliate being an authority, work as an affiliate without appearing through small websites, work with a virtual store, and sell services.

SEO for Affiliate Marketing

Like me, if you are an affiliate, you can invest in your blog’s SEO and work on several keywords related to the products you promote and position. Don’t just limit yourself to words like course X or product Y. Go beyond that and find words with purchase intent and also less competition (tools for it like Uber suggest, Ahref, and SEMrush).

SEO for small business

Imagine placing several items and selling several different products every day. With small business sites, you can. The name implies, these are small sites. They don’t need as much attention and maintenance as an authority website or blog.

SEO for Ecommerce

If you like to diversify your income, you can also invest in virtual stores, position products, and sell much more than you would sell in local stores, for example. On the internet, the reach is much greater, and you can target the content to the right people, thanks to the keywords, which increases the chances of conversion.

SEO for selling services

It can provide consultancy for self-employed or self-employed professionals and, through SEO, get more clients. Lawyers, dentists, virtual assistants, social media art design, copywriters, and video editors. If you work with service provision, you can earn more money by applying SEO techniques to position your site on Google.

The Importance of SEO in next five years

I hope now you have already understood the importance of investing in SEO, but I will emphasize a few points to stay fixed in your mind. The future of SEO is in the era of AI. Google has been working on its latest RankBrain algorithm for just more than a year. SEO professionals believe that no or any of the “tricks” they used to achieve rankings will be effective. SEO will be a good career in 2022. Generates passive income: when you place a keyword for a product in high demand, sales will automatically start. Imagine pouring money into your account while you have Sunday lunch as a family, while you sleep… A dream, isn’t it?

Tip from SEO Lahore:

 When you’re on the first page of Google, you tend to reach greater visibility. That is, more people knowing your brand, more people visiting your business, and, consequently, more sales happening.


See how it is possible to make money with SEO? The internet is amazing, and thanks to the evolution of technology, great business opportunities, and extra income have emerged. The barrier to entry is minimal, and you can create an online business with little investment and reap the rewards in the future.

future of SEO

The Future of SEO in Pakistan

Without a shadow of a doubt, a highly debated issue in SEO contests is where it points – and will point –, the compass that guides the optimization of websites. With each Google update, from small to large, we can see that it is necessary to take a fresh look at all the SEO issues. This evolution is happening so fast and fiercely that it would be no exaggeration to say that SEO no longer exists as it was once known.

Calm down. This is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary, it’s excellent!

Now, more than ever, it is the user’s turn to dictate what should be done and not tactics designed solely and exclusively for better positioning in search engines. Personally speaking, I am delighted with the way things are going. However, like the other members of SEO Master, I have always had this idea solidified in my head: the user is always the most important.

Because of this period of constant changes and doubts about the future of SEO, I will take your time to talk about the trends that, in my opinion, will guide the new way of doing SEO. Beforehand, I want to clarify that what you will read next is based on my experiences and views and, as such, is not an absolute and immutable truth. Far be it from me to think I would be capable of such a thing. Although I believe in everything I will write, it would be at least innocent of me, or any other Web Strategy, to think that it can make predictions on this subject without the risk of making mistakes.

SEO Trends

the user in charge

This is the mother of all trends. It has been said before that it no longer makes sense to use tactics just thinking about being well ranked in search engines, leaving the user aside. Increasingly, this will become more evident. The following significant updates from Google should focus primarily on the user experience, as was Panda Update. Therefore, I advise you to start building your website with the primary guideline to simplify your user’s life and develop content that strictly presents what matters to him. Please don’t waste your time and his creating unnecessary content.

It will be increasingly important to create a relationship between the user and your brand. It is essential to keep in mind that the user experience within your site has to be more critical than technical SEO issues, not that one option excludes the other. If there is an opportunity, try to make the two go hand in hand. If that’s not possible, opt for the user experience.

Duplicate content – ​​a big villain to fight

Eliminating duplicate content will be one of the most significant challenges for websites, especially e-commerce. Although nowadays, it is already imperative to index and ranks a website not to present duplicate content, this should be even more evident in the future.

Google will be better able to identify them and should be even stricter in their ratings. Therefore, I reiterate:

  1. Develop unique content for each page that strictly present what your user is looking for without flourishes.
  2. Be very careful with dynamic pages such as product filters on e-commerce pages.
  3. Don’t shy away from using canonical, 301 redirects and even more fancy robots.txt settings.

The important thing is to eliminate it.

Remember that you don’t have to have identical content to be considered duplicate by Google. Just be similar. Therefore, be very careful with the way you create pages on your website.

Keywords devaluation

This may sound crazy, but, in my opinion, keywords will lose their strength little by little. Calm down. I didn’t say that they will cease to exist, only that their importance will be minimal. It will no longer make a difference to have this or that keyword at the beginning of the title or in the h1, worrying about its placement within your pages, the rate of difficulty in working with them, etc.

I believe that the time will come when all that will matter with the text on your pages will be to have clear writing that matches what the user is looking for along the page (crucial On-page SEO elements, such as title and headings, will follow the same path).

Death to Link Building – Long lives Link Earning.

The “link building” concept will die. Automated strategies such as link farms, link exchanges, among others, have long been opposed by Google, and, after its latest updates, Google got good at identifying and punishing those who already used these types of tactics. However, despite already having this practice, I think we’ll still see something further.

Contextual links will gain even more relevance. All the links obtained in the most natural way possible, which meet the site’s logic, without exaggeration and within the context of the site’s subject, will have even more weight. On the other hand, links in banners, sponsorships, and the like should lose all their relevance.

A good link will be one that will add value to the user. Therefore, any link that is not based on the importance of delivering something that may be of direct interest to the user should be avoided.

Social Media – A New Path to SEO

Although nobody knows how much, social networks like Google +, Facebook and Pinterest already have relevance in organic search. The expectation is that its significance will still increase a lot. We can already observe that a good campaign on social networks favours the generation of links, even in other types of media, in addition to strengthening the brand, thus generating a higher conversion rate for the site.

What do you think?

These are the points that catch my eye. Do you agree with me? Do you have a different opinion, or would you like to add something? Are your sites already feeling the wind of change? Please share your experience with us!


Trends for digital marketing in 2021

The year 2021 and the next two years may not be like anything we have seen so far: the end of the corona plague may already be in sight, but there is no doubt that our habits of using the web have changed beyond recognition.

On the one hand, this is good news for technology companies and social networks that have gained even more power and ways to gather information about us, which may be helping some of the digital marketers. But, on the other hand, there is no doubt that more and more countries and regulatory bodies will try to finally put an order in this jungle to try and protect the citizens and users (of which we are ultimately a part).

So without exaggerating, here are our forecasts for the trends and trends that will continue with us into 2021

Entry of social networks into the field
Many businesses have had to make drastic changes to their online sales system and even reopen contingency plans that were supposed to take about three years or five years in just a few months.

There is no doubt that this is good news for consumers, but many businesses, especially the smaller ones, are not always prepared to do so from a logistical point of view. And if we thought that Amazon’s entry into Israel would change anything, it turns out that most local stores are still not enthusiastic about it. Instead, we are seeing collaborations and the establishment of virtual malls that incorporate within them a large number of local stores.

Less dependence on Google for websites

It is not surprising that Google’s algorithm is getting more innovative and more advanced year after year, but it turns out that this is not necessarily good news even for those who rise in the rankings… One reason is that today Google can display direct answers to questions Can lose entries. Also, more and more businesses are entering the category of local companies, and surfers are seeing them in local results which occupy significant volume from the display of organic results at the expense of businesses that have invested in marketing through their site and promoting it to the first page.

Better analysis of Data
We have already hinted that the big platforms can gather more and more information about users than ever before. For example, this year, Google has publicly released Analytics 4 . It is a more capable system that uses AI to present the user with smarter insights and predictions even when browsers (like Safari) and the users themselves limit the amount of information collected about them.

For example, the system can give you an estimate of the amounts that buyers who come from different channels (such as a mailing list) will spend and so you can focus your marketing efforts in the right places. It will also show you which channels the same users are coming from and which users have gone through many different media along the way (multi-channel marketing). Other enhancements include adding events that we previously needed external tools or integrations to use—for example, scrolling the screen or watching a video.

More advanced automation for a variety of needs
With an endless list of platforms and social networks, it is sometimes difficult to keep our activities anywhere. Generic automation systems such as Zapier can meet a significant part of our needs, but not all of them, and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything they do, and we feel a bit that things are getting out of hand.

Video marketing across YouTube
Until recently, we have used video advertising = YouTube advertising. So no other sites offered advertisers so many options to advertise in different and unique video formats. But the growing popularity of social networks that contribute to upload “mini-videos” such as Instagram or tic-tac-toe should make advertisers think about it again. It is especially true for advertisers who want to appeal to teens and young people whose ad has been copied from television as it simply does not speak to them. By the way, at least in tic-tac-toe and Instagram, there is quite a bit of exposure to non-sponsored videos as well, so there is no need to jump in and spend inflated budgets on video ads (although they are more prominent).

The world of marketing is changing from moment to moment, and we must also be aware of entirely new trends that may come from an unexpected place and the strengthening of tendencies that we have already seen in past years. Within marketers, there is no doubt that in 2021 we will need to make use of advanced tools to save money and mainly to cram in operations that we used to perform in a few weeks to a few days. In addition, businesses that have operated offline will have to think about how to increase their online sales volume and their presence in various online channels. But no less important, knowing how to produce the right insights and not just settle for the dry numbers.


How to Design logo and business branding

Logo design is one of the most critical steps in any branding process of a new business. It can also turn the branding of a relatively renowned business into something unique that will contribute to the business’ prominence and prominence in front of competitors.

Unfortunately, not enough small and large businesses are aware of the importance of a successful logo. Sometimes they turn to the cheapest logo designer they can find or the one who will produce the logo for them at the highest speed and already take that “weight” off their backs.

But a successful logo is not something you build one day after one sketch. Whoever has the job of designing the emblem must understand the business’s values and what sets it apart from other companies. In other words, it’s business branding. A professional logo usually goes through five, six, or even more sketches until the result.

Essential principles for creating the perfect logo

The logo must be simple: you may see a great list of logos with all sorts of visual tricks like hidden letters or a specific angle from which you can see something completely different.

In reality, no one will likely look for these tricks unless they are right in front of their eyes; alternatively, the slogan will make them explicit. So, for example, almost anyone who hears the LG slogan can show that the letters L and G connect to the face.

A logo that breaks conventions increases the brand’s memory: a logo doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. An example similar to that of LG is that of “Michelin.” When you see the smiling man made of tires, you can not go wrong and think that this is another company. However, Michelin has long been a tire manufacturer and is considered one of the most influential authorities in the world in the field of tourism books and restaurant reviews.

How are a modern internet and media logo different from a classic logo?

Today there are numerous sizes and formats of cover images, icons, and logos on the web. Although it is easier today to design a logo using graphic software in many ways, it is not always easy to transfer an existing logo to a specific format such as square, rectangle, circle, etc.

Therefore, if you are making a change to an existing logo or building a new logo, it is advisable to take these cases into account.

Take Bank Hapoalim, for example. The company’s original logo includes the red rhombus and the text “Bank Hapoalim” in gray. Still, when the company had to create a sequence of icons for Facebook and the app store, all it had to do was take the red rhombus and put it in the center.

Therefore, if you want to highlight the logo with a certain color, it should be part of the font or other illustration added to the logo. If you have no choice and it is an old logo, reversing colors is usually the best solution (and if we go back to Coca-Cola, she also had to use it occasionally, and not just for Diet Coke).

In conclusion

Creating your brand and following a suitable logo design is not a matter of “we’re done” or “you touched a trip,” and it requires doing homework if you want it to serve your brand and its values. This is especially true if you are thinking of expanding into international markets or even outsourcing to other countries. In these cases, you should check that no cultural or legal obstacle can cause you to return to the design table and lose valuable time.

google anlytic

SEO in 2021

Although SEO is a highly competitive field, it usually does not have drastic changes, but rather trends slowly gaining momentum, while older SEO methods are losing their relevance.

So what trends have we seen in recent years, and it is essential to follow them as well, and how will we continue to be successful in the SEO process this year as well?

Website security

In 2018 Google took another step to increase network security and began to more prominently mark unsecured sites, especially on pages where the user submits forms to the site. According to Google, every site should be secure and secure areas have a slight advantage in search resultsHowever, even if you assume that your site does not have one form, you probably still need to connect to the content management system.

Today a security certificate is a very accessible and available thing that most storage companies sell among their other services. There are even free security certificates that can be installed if you know how to work with the primary management panel of your storage package.

Mobile-First Index and speed

When it comes to mobile (mobile browsing), the good news is that responsive sites that are compatible with mobile are the standard today, and most sites that are not suitable for mobile are sites that were abandoned a good few years ago. The exceptions are sites with a fundamental difference between their mobile and computer content because they have two separate versions (even if on the same address). If this is the case, creating perfect synchronization between them should be the priority. The reason is that Google’s future index will only scan the mobile version and be based on it, hence its name – Mobile-First Index.


In recent years another essential move by Google has been to increase the punishment of sites that use intrusive advertisements. These can be sites where the top of the page is pushed down below the advertisements or even sites where the advertisements appear in the top layer and need to be closed (according to Google, these cases are more relevant on mobile).

Description tags (Meta Description)

While Meta Title tags are essential for promoting the site on Google, Meta Description tags are not important in terms of their words. They are mainly used to make sure the description the surfer sees below the page title is informative.

Content and trends

It used to be very common to try and identify the most worth promoting keywords and that the competition for them is not in the sky. Today, however, there is an increasing understanding that one does not necessarily have to promote a specific word. Sometimes, it pays more to incorporate similar terms within the content and let Google do 1 + 1. Anyone who still finds this strange should look at the changes that Google is making in the exact match, which is no longer accurate. All this without going into Google’s efforts to develop artificial intelligence that will understand what exactly we mean when we search

It is also important to remember that all the keyword lists we see usually do not indicate trends but averages. If you want to follow directions, you can do so through Google Trends and, of course, social networks.

Internal links and updating old content

The amount of content that goes online every day is dizzying, but that does not mean that it is impossible to take advantage of old content on the site and strengthen it. You can update existing content and link to it from the home page, and in any case, you must link to content within site. Internal links help Google understand the internal structure of the site and link to the page that is most relevant to the surfer’s search.

Schema and microdata

Schema is a technique for marking information that search engines cannot always understand naturally. If you do not yet have a schema marker on the site, you can add it through the Search Console and “Highlight the data” or directly in the code.

In conclusion:

 Google will continue to be updated and renewed in 2021. Existing and new trends and improving the quality of the search engine will continue in the same trend to bring the highest quality, fastest and safest content to its surfers. And to the trends it is also producing in 2021.