How to do video marketing?

Video marketing: why use videos in your marketing ?

Ideally, the content of your videos should be strategic and useful to your consumers. There are several ways to search for topics of interest, including your audience’s feedback on their social networks and the most searched keywords on Google — you can get an idea of what they are using the AdWords keyword tool. Always try to bring original, interesting, and practical information. Never produce content for the sake of producing.

Produce quality videos

The quality of the video, for the consumer, is directly linked to the company’s quality. Dark, out-of-focus, echoing videos make a bad impression. Invest in good equipment, a qualified team, or, if applicable, in hiring a good producer. Also, have the necessary support on your website or blog to run smoothly — four of five consumers stop watching the video if it crashes.

Adapt videos to the web

Consumers are exposed to a lot of information on the web. Therefore, they need practical, easy-to-understand, and fast content, in the case of videos. Invest in short videos. If you need to stretch, consider splitting the video into smaller parts — a course, for example, can be divided by topic. Try not to exceed two minutes on average, as 60% of people stop watching videos after that time. 

Use videos at various stages of the purchase

Although they are the perfect format for the more in-depth content of the sales funnel, they can be used at all stages of your consumers’ buying process, from tips on a broad subject related to the company’s area of activity to institutional content.

Explore different formats

Quick tips, webinars, interviews, reports, institutional videos, and live broadcasts: there are many options that can be explored in the most diverse situations. A clothing store might use videos to give fashion tips, a real estate agent to show featured properties, or an office to broadcast an interview with a health specialist. Don’t be afraid to discover and test different formats.

Videos won the internet and marketing strategies for their practicality. In a few minutes, with plenty of images and dynamism, it is possible to expose and absorb considerable information without boredom. Don’t let them be missing from your strategy!

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