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Mistakes avoid during advertising on Google: Google AdWords

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your site immediately, there is no quick way to advertise on Google AdWords. Google advertising brings immediate results, and its effectiveness can be measured very accurately.

Google advertises how easy it is to promote in Google AdWords and that anyone can manage the advertising for them, but this is not the case. Every year we see dozens of campaigns that do not work effectively to generate profit for the business. Managing Google campaigns for companies requires expertise, professionalism, and a lot of experience, improper management of a sponsored campaign will result in a waste of money that can add up to significant amounts.

Wrong choice of words

The basis for any good AdWords campaign is choosing the right words, working with the Google keyword planner, and locating the most relevant words for your business, do not be blinded by high search volumes, focusing on the quality of the terms and choose only phrases that are looking for your service or product. You can see precisely what people exposed to your ads have listed by going to the “Search Terms” report.

Failure to use negative keywords

Each keyword list has the other side, negative keywords, which are lists at the entire campaign level or at the ad group level that you do not want your ads to appear on. We have not yet encountered a campaign that did not need negative keywords. The list is not a list to which phrases are added, and we are done. It is a list that must be maintained every week. We recommend adding phrases to this list according to the words and not a broad or exact match.

Failure to use geographic locations

Google’s default that your ads will be displayed to all Israeli residents, the interface allows you to target your ads to specific areas in the country: Central / North / South / Jerusalem district and also at city level (not the most accurate but still better than nothing) and can also be targeted by radius from a certain point.

Tip: Make city-level price adjustments after seeing the performance of cities.

Failure to use ad extensions

Beyond two titles and a description, these are mandatory fields to fill in. Google allows you to present the surfer with additional information that will help you improve the performance of the campaign:

  • Call extension: Your phone number will appear next to the ad/speed dial that you are looking for from your mobile – dramatically improving the number of calls to you.
  • Key advantages: Additional information that you can write about yourself: It is recommended to list mainly strengths that the surfer will see before clicking on your ad.
  • Location extension: You can add your geographic location to an ad for people to see where you are located, especially recommended for local businesses.
  • Built-in information plugin: A plugin that came in relatively recently, it is a plugin that you can add which services you provide, with which brands you work, and more.
  • There are more extension numbers that you should try: sending a message, site links, and more.

Landing page not optimized for mobile or not good enough

Quite a few advertisers tend to invest in their website in the desktop version but forget to invest in their mobile version. In recent years the mobile has been gaining momentum, and in most areas, the mobile constitutes over 50% of the total visitors.

We recommend that you go over your site well in the mobile version and see how the browsing experience is, criticize yourself, and improve the visibility that will be more convenient to contact you.

  1. Long charging times

Lots of talking about website loading times. Many good tools can give you scores on your loading times with highlights and fix notes. Do not underestimate loading times. The fast loading of the site significantly improves the conversion rate on it. You can build a great AdWords campaign with a conversion rate of 4%, but if you strengthen your upload times on desktop and mobile, the conversion rate can improve significantly.

  1. No conversion tracking

Performance analysis will make your campaign work better. Still, it is impossible to analyze the performance accurately without installing tracking of the number of people who called or filled out the contact forms on your site. In addition, a campaign manager must know which search terms led to the conversion and which search terms did not. Usually, installing conversion tracking is a simple technical thing that does not require far-reaching knowledge. Still, if you do not know you will use a professional, running a sponsored campaign without conversion tracking is not allowed.

In conclusion

 of course, there are many more highlights that can be expanded. We recommend that you take a professional who will do all these things for you and much more. You need to concentrate on your business and let a professional create the best performance for you.

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