IT Companies in Pakistan

IT Companies in Pakistan

Every decade that comes to a close brings out a historical perspective on what has changed in the last ten years. And when we look at the list of the top five companies in 2020, it becomes clear how much technology companies have grown. 

At that time, Net Sol was the No. 1 company in market value, followed by Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway and General Electric. So only 2 of the top 5 organizations were from the IT sector.

However, by the end of 2020, or a decade later, Apple and Microsoft had moved up one position each, taking the first and second positions, respectively. Next are Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook — that is, the Top 5 is entirely composed of technology companies or tech companies.


How is the situation of technology companies in Pakistan today?

Despite the impacts of the pandemic on Pakistan and global markets, IT companies are heading towards a strong recovery in 2021. This is what the report “COVID-19 – Impact on IT Spending Survey” points out, carried out by IDC, a company specialized in the intelligence of Marketplace.

In June 2020, the study shows that 38% of IT companies in Pakistan claimed to be in crisis. But that number dropped significantly, and, in September, the problem affected only 13.7% of the companies interviewed.


What are the fastest growing IT sectors in Pakistan?

Some stand out in the Pakistan market within the technology areas, such as the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) area or Infrastructure as a Service.  

Before the pandemic, IDC predicted 38.8% growth in the IaaS sector in 2021, revised to 26.9%. 

Even so, this represents highly relevant growth — at this rate, the IaaS sector would double in size in less than four years.

Another sector that has had extraordinary growth in Pakistan is that of cloud computing or cloud computing. 

According to Ponto Information and Coordination Center data, the NIC cloud storage grew from 25% to 38% between 2017 and 2019. 

Furthermore, cloud processing (from 16% to 23%) and corporate software (from 20% to 27%) also grew in the same period. 

However, the scenario is quite different for IT management and support services and the server storage industry. 

Also, according to the IDC report, support services will grow slower, while investment in servers has been falling since before the pandemic.

The consultancy recommends that, in the short term, technology companies focus efforts on profitable businesses, such as automation and machine intelligence. 

In addition, IDC suggests that IT companies be aware of market needs, which are always subject to change and can represent significant business opportunities.

What are the biggest technology companies in Pakistan today?

After all, which are the biggest technology companies located in Pakistan? An online survey was conducted. Accordingly, NetSol has been the finest technology company in Pakistan in recent years.

Below, you can see the ranking of the most prominent technology companies, ordered by proportional net revenue.

What are the best technology companies to work for Pakistan?

And for IT professionals, which are the best technology companies to work for in Pakistan? Great Places to Work is a global consultancy that analyzes work environments, annually listing the most prominent ones.

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The latest edition of the PTN was released on November 17, 2020, and is divided into small, medium and large companies. We have separated the first 10 of each of these categories below. Check out!

Top 10 Tech Companies

  • Net Sol technologies
  • System Limited
  • S&P Global Pakistan
  • Tera Data
  • TRG Pakistan
  • Ovex Technologies
  • i2c Pakistan
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Teachout
  • Macrosoft

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