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How to grow your Audience on Instagram in 2022?

What was once a social network focused on sharing personal photos evolved into something unique: Instagram’s simplicity soon built a vast community, and companies were able to see its potential, making it the incredible digital marketing tool it is today. If you doubt whether Marketing on Instagram is also capable of giving results for your company, the answer is yes! Everyone can benefit, from the individual entrepreneur to the largest companies. In this article, you’ll discover tips to get the most out of Instagram!


How to do Marketing on Instagram?

Understand the dynamics of Marketing on Instagram

As with any other social network, Marketing on Instagram is based on the company’s communication with the public. So what you post must be original and relevant because the way you position yourself to talk about your own business and the audience’s pains, desires, and needs have the power to impact it and increase engagement positively. To help you, below, we’ve listed tips that you need to do before you start and as you move forward with your company’s Instagram!

Essential Marketing Tips on Instagram

   Define your goals 

Do you want to sell more? Establish a closer relationship with your customers? Make your company known throughout Brazil? Or all this? Thinking through these questions will help you align the content with its purpose.

Know your audience

You must deeply understand the audience you communicate with to bring about transformation. Most are people of what gender, age, profession? Seek even the most profound information: how you feel, what you worry about, dream about, etc.

Harness the power of humanization

An increasingly common and effective strategy in Digital Marketing is for the company to show who is “behind” it, being represented by a person’s face or a character. In this way, a bond is created with the public, who can easily see its values.

Complete your information

Fill your Instagram profile with your name, username, website link, bio, and contact options, and choose a good photo.

Make a schedule

Ideally, you’ll appear on Story and Feed frequently, so plan by producing and separating content types into days of the week and time of day.

Have an organized profile

Well-produced, eye-catching images with clear information make all the difference.

Don’t just post about your product.

You can share about different interests of the public, the day to day of your company and even behind the scenes. Above all, it must be original and address relevant topics.

Use content formats to your advantage.

The story may be more suitable for posts about the company’s routine and behind the scenes. Reels for a quicker, more simple message and Guide Instagram’s newest tool for more extensive content, similar to a blog post.

Interact with the public

As crucial as posting is interacting! Stay tuned for messages in Direct, don’t delay responding to comments, and, in Story, abuse the stickers as a question box, test, and poll. What can also be done is to automate responses to your audience, creating chatbots for Instagram through services like Send Pulse.

Dedicate yourself

The keyword for success with Digital Marketing on social media is dedication. If you are ready to commit for the long term, you will have good results, and you will surely achieve all your goals!

Inbound Marketing

One way to turn your followers into customers is to use Content Marketing through the Inbound Marketing methodology. The online presence is no longer optional. There are more than 1 billion monthly users, and marketing on Instagram may be what your company is missing. After all, who is not seen, is not remembered. Now that you know how important, valuable content is to your audience.


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