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How do you sell your SEO services?

Many newcomers to digital marketing enter the SEO market and are stuck to social networks, often forgetting SEO’s potential to build a more lasting and recurring business. Hearing the noise of commissions falling is very good and gives us the strength to continue. Still, we have to think about making money now with social media and how to create a scalable business that will continue to bear fruit in the future. That is, it generates recurring sales, the famous sales while you sleep. And for that, we can apply some SEO techniques to position blogs and small websites on the first page of Google and sell every day as an affiliate.

SEO in 2022

To make money with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), do I notice that you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and think in the long term, combined? Making money by placing blogs and websites on the first pages of Google is possible, but it’s not magic, and it’s not easy, as many people say. But with a little dedication and application of the right techniques.

And if you’ve come this far, it’s because you already know what SEO is, but in case you don’t, I’ll simplify: it’s optimizing your content so that they are easily found in search engines. So, if you are an affiliate and want to sell a product, check if there are searches for that product on Google and then work on the keyword to position on the first page. Realize that there must be searches for the product. That is, there must be demand, people interested in buying. Then, when the person types in Google: “XYZ Product,” if your article is among the first positions, the chances of the reader clicking will be greater. For example: when someone types in Google: “how to bake pot cake,” they are not necessarily interested in buying a product that teaches how to bake pot cake.

How Can I Start Making Money With SEO?

The good thing about SEO is that it opens up a huge range of possibilities. In other words, you can work as an affiliate being an authority, work as an affiliate without appearing through small websites, work with a virtual store, and sell services.

SEO for Affiliate Marketing

Like me, if you are an affiliate, you can invest in your blog’s SEO and work on several keywords related to the products you promote and position. Don’t just limit yourself to words like course X or product Y. Go beyond that and find words with purchase intent and also less competition (tools for it like Uber suggest, Ahref, and SEMrush).

SEO for small business

Imagine placing several items and selling several different products every day. With small business sites, you can. The name implies, these are small sites. They don’t need as much attention and maintenance as an authority website or blog.

SEO for Ecommerce

If you like to diversify your income, you can also invest in virtual stores, position products, and sell much more than you would sell in local stores, for example. On the internet, the reach is much greater, and you can target the content to the right people, thanks to the keywords, which increases the chances of conversion.

SEO for selling services

It can provide consultancy for self-employed or self-employed professionals and, through SEO, get more clients. Lawyers, dentists, virtual assistants, social media art design, copywriters, and video editors. If you work with service provision, you can earn more money by applying SEO techniques to position your site on Google.

The Importance of SEO in next five years

I hope now you have already understood the importance of investing in SEO, but I will emphasize a few points to stay fixed in your mind. The future of SEO is in the era of AI. Google has been working on its latest RankBrain algorithm for just more than a year. SEO professionals believe that no or any of the “tricks” they used to achieve rankings will be effective. SEO will be a good career in 2022. Generates passive income: when you place a keyword for a product in high demand, sales will automatically start. Imagine pouring money into your account while you have Sunday lunch as a family, while you sleep… A dream, isn’t it?

Tip from SEO Lahore:

 When you’re on the first page of Google, you tend to reach greater visibility. That is, more people knowing your brand, more people visiting your business, and, consequently, more sales happening.


See how it is possible to make money with SEO? The internet is amazing, and thanks to the evolution of technology, great business opportunities, and extra income have emerged. The barrier to entry is minimal, and you can create an online business with little investment and reap the rewards in the future.

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